betula surfacaces in perfection

Nevi Masterpieces

Once nevi has applied the final touches to its surfaces, talented designers select the semi-finished products to create new compositions. They then combine them with other materials to fit their designs and suit their specific uses.

PEEL Chair & Lounge Chair

by Vank –

The VANK_PEEL chairs and lounge chairs are an excellent choice for reception areas, lobbies, or cafés. The name emphasises the fluidity of forms resembling an apple peel and translates this design idea into a highly sophisticated piece of furniture. The ergonomically shaped seat shell is an eye-catcher and guarantees a high level of seating comfort. The distinctive sinuous steel frame highlights the fluidity of the design and the organic inspiration behind it.

  • three-dimensional, ergonomically shaped seat shell
  • superior comfort
  • Seat height: 42 cm
  • Overall height: 94 cm
  • Seat depth: 45 cm
  • Overall depth: 64 cm
  • Seat width: 50 cm
  • Overall width: 55 cm
  • Frame in three color variants:



Shaving Brushes & Safety Razors

by Mühle –

These shaving brushes and safety razors made with carefully layered birch bark look delicate yet are water-resistant and durable. With the varied, discrete texture, the bark convinces at first touch with its pleasant, comfortable warm feel. The material is extremely long-lasting, easy to grip, even when wet and easy to care for. The soft birch bark surface provides a contrasting accent to the satin-finished stainless steel.

Shaving Brush

  • Width: 32 mm
  • Height: 105 mm
  • Replaceable brush head: yes
  • Ring size: M - 21 mm
  • Vegan: vegan
  • Material: stainless steel and birch bark
  • Category: shaving brush
  • Colour: brown
  • Brush head: Silvertip Fibre®
  • Design series: ROCCA

Safety Razor

  • Width: 42 mm
  • Length: 103 mm
  • Material: stainless steel and birch bark
  • Blade system: safety razor, closed comb
  • Vegan: vegan
  • Category: safety razor
  • Colour: brown
  • Design series: ROCCA


Design: Frank Gissmann

In combination with Corian, the warm and soft properties of nevi betula veneer are particularly effective. Delicate yet robust, functional yet with a very special touch — this is how the elegant washbasin appears in the room.

  • Material: Corian with birch bark veneer
  • Electronic water control with power storage and drinking water mixing box
  • LED light strip on the underside

Available in different designs:

  • Width from 1.200mm to 2,000mm
  • 2 x drawer on the left
  • 2 x drawer on the right
  • 2 x drawer on the left and right
  • Width 450–600mm x height 120 mm Towel rails on the left, right or both sides
  • Tray
  • Width from 300 to max. 1,700mm
  • Depth 200mm

Knife & Tool Handles

by dictum –

Each handle with its birch bark veneer surface is unique. Made from many individual layers of birch bark, it is a natural material whose colours, growth patterns and textures vary significantly. The patented manufacturing process, tailored to the material properties of birch bark, ensures high stability and very low weight. Compared to other natural materials, the material is highly dimensionally stable, especially when exposed to moisture. Birch bark is also anti-fungal and anti-bacterial, water-repellent, moisture-resistant, and non-slip, even when wet.

  • Precision rasp with birch bark handle
  • File & rasp set with birch bark handles
  • Japanes kitchen knives
  • Birch bark knife handle
  • Birch bark tool handle

Door Handles

by Randi A/S –

Randi Line Nordic Straight is a composition of simple geometric shapes and natural materials. The insert is birch bark, which contains antibacterial material and makes it resistant to bacteria.

Randi Nordic

  • Design: Lars Vejen
  • Handle diameter 19mm
  • Matt brushed stainless steel with birch bark veneer insert
  • Door thickness options 34-46mm, 47-58mm, 59-70mm or 71-82mm
  • Standard square 8 x 8mm

Randi Nordic Straight

  • Design: Njordrum Home
  • Handle diameter 19mm
  • Matt brushed stainless steel with birch bark veneer insert
  • Door thickness options 34-46mm, 47-58mm, 59-70mm or 71-82mm
  • Standard square 8 x 8mm

Tap Handles

Tap handles on aluminium support tube

  • Internal diameter 8.2mm
  • American thread 3/8“-16 UNC


  • Diameter approx. 30mm, Length 80mm
  • Diameter approx. 26mm, Length 92mm


  • Diameter approx. 30mm, Length 72.5mm

Bicycle Handlebar Grips

To enjoy your ride, it is essential that the handlebar grips are safe and comfortable. The contact surface of these innovative handlebar grips is made of pH-neutral birch bark veneer and provides a secure, pleasant, and velvety warm feel. In addition, the natural properties of birch bark ensure that the handlebar grips are exceptionally non-slip, especially when wet. The extreme weather resistance of birch bark ensures a long durability, even with intensive use.

The grips are suitable for all standard 22mm diameter handlebars and are available in two versions: As a standard grip or a shorter one for grip shifters. The seamless and corrosion-resistant aluminium inner tube enables easy installation.

2 sizes:

  • Standard grip: approx. 125mm
  • Short grip for grip shifters: approx. 93mm