Craftsmanship & Innovation

Manu­fac­tu­ring The Timeless

When sourcing our materials, we are guided by the needs of our discerning customers. Even (and especially) where water and moisture affect surfaces — such as in bathrooms or yachts — there is a great desire for naturally warm materials. Our challenge was to allow for the natural properties of a renewable material. This required a radical shift in our approach. Today, we solve problems technically, beginning with the performance of the material and aligning it with modern industrial processes, instead of the other way around. We want to bring this traditional material into the future. To this end, we are constantly evolving and working closely with research & development. Future-oriented quality assurance is crucial:

Age-old crafts­man­ship …

The manufactory combines elements of state-of-the-art production organisation with a high level of precision craftsmanship: Birch bark is a naturally grown, regenerative material that can cope well with exposure to the elements. This is why in the past — before the invention of plastic — it was used in the construction of roofs and canoes, as well as kitchen storage and shoemaking. The inner layer facing the tree trunk was of particular interest; for this purpose, the white-grey surface was removed.

… meets cutting-edge processes

The idea of processing a wood-like material without any need for a surface coating, even when in contact with water, was a clear goal for nevi’s material design. Together with a highly specialised team of experts, CEO Tim Mergelsberg further developed the craftsmanship passed on through the traditional workshops. Birch bark could not be processed by machine — not until nevi succeeded in preparing the natural material for serial production using a complex layering process.

Nature is full of emotion. It is unpredictable. When we give it space, we gain a unique aesthetic that can never be replicated.

Mission & Culture

Experiencing Value

Birch bark — room — surface: interior design featuring this interplay of nature, guided perimeter design and personal perception is at the heart of nevi. Our design philosophy and aesthetic aspirations go beyond the creation of an eye-catching moment. As you experience the effect of the material in a room, you interact with its natural qualities. For nevi betula surfaces, we refine the source material birch bark in a way that creates a profound sense of well-being on several levels, from aesthetics and sustainable functionality to a unique tactile experience. The process is based on age-old knowledge and skills. nevi combines elements of craft-orientated manufacturing with the precision and predictability of serial production.

We see ourselves as a dynamic company that grows with the needs and insights of customers and employees in such a way that the economic success of today lays the foundation for the further development of tomorrow’s ideas.

nevi – the story

Searching, Travelling, Finding

The story of each piece of nevi betula surfaces begins deep in the Nordic forests — right where the nevi company has its roots. It was in the Taiga that nevi founder Tim Mergelsberg learnt about birch bark in 2005. He was responsible for setting up a workshop there to manufacture traditional products from this natural material — a real stroke of luck, as there are only a few places in the world where this ancient craft is still practised. Recognising the special nature of the material, the entrepreneur began importing high-quality bark to Germany.

In 2019, the startup nevi was founded in Görlitz, Saxony. The path from the discovery of the source material to the creation of the finished product was not without its challenges: Standardisation and planning uncertainties are just some of the hurdles in the development and refinement of natural material. The people who drove nevi forward demonstrated skill and perseverance. Now their work finally bears fruit. With its innovative method of processing birch bark, nevi offers completely new design options for surfaces in direct contact with water, such as yacht interiors, spas and bathrooms. nevi betula surfaces include various veneers, handles, flooring, and wall panels.


Make Great Things Happen

nevi is the first company in the world to bring birch bark back to the surface and manufacture exquisite veneers, handles, flooring and wall coverings. However, it is not only our products that are forward-looking: we work as a purpose-driven company and strive for modern forms of working together with flat hierarchies and a high level of personal responsibility in our culture. The people who work for us play a key role in driving the development of our materials and shaping the future of the nevi brand.

We currently have no vacancies. As we are always interested in meeting people who can inspire new ideas and drive our company forward, we would be delighted to receive your unsolicited application.