Furniture Design

Tried and tested over thousands of years

Nature’s perfect design principles

Thanks to the unique production process, nevi provides furniture designers with a renewable material that is 3D-malleable and whose functional and aesthetic properties are unique in this combination – creativity can run wild.

Subtle natural beauty

A classic with a difference

The neutral yet lively tonality, the timeless linear structure in various shades of bronze and the unique texture: the look and feel of nevi betula surfaces are unique from a purely aesthetic point of view.

But there is more to nevi betula surfaces, as they also boast a functionality that fills a gap in furniture design: As an open-pored, water-resistant material that can be easily shaped three-dimensionally, it opens up new possibilities for the design of seats and tables, as well as kitchen fronts, cupboards and storage cabinets.

  • 3D-malleable
  • antimicrobial
  • waterproof while open-pored
  • extremely easy to maintain
  • velvety and warm

Velvety warmth meets solid elegance

A play of contrasts

The warm natural tones and the velour-like feel evoke interesting material combinations. They encourage an exciting interplay with other materials such as metal, composite panels or Corian and create a visual and tactile contrast. Attractive juxtapositions are also created when the 3D-formable material is applied in parts: on furniture fronts or as sculptural elements, embedded in different design components or using nevi betula handles – alongside complementary materials, the surfaces stimulate the senses and create a particularly striking effect.


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