Bathroom & Spa

Style and substance

For a feeling of pure luxury

nevi betula surfaces offer sensual relaxation at first glance. The warmth, velvety texture and skin-friendliness of birch bark also enable tactile connectedness to nature and create a pleasant indoor atmosphere.

Barefoot bliss

Places of relaxation

The material is open-pored and waterproof, so no surface coating is required when it is installed in wet areas. The non-slip material provides a natural tactile experience in the bathroom and spa area. It invites you to walk barefoot and also offers distinct advantages for skin contact thanks to its antimicrobial properties.

Contrasting compositions

Where the sensory experience finds peace and tranquillity

In well-planned interiors, people connect with their surroundings as they would otherwise only do in nature, while at the same time finding themselves in a private retreat. A multifaceted sensory experience is possible when nevi betula surfaces are combined with other materials. In combination with marble, Corian, and stone, for example, they create a balanced contrast in terms of color and texture. The warm natural materials can also be used to create interesting design accents. nevi betula surfaces are particularly effective as non-slip walkways or warm barefoot areas.

Graceful and lightweight

An eye-catching washbasin

Delicate yet robust, functional yet with a very special touch — this is how the elegant washbasin appears in the room. Contrasts in feel and tonality, organic shapes — and the interplay with water: just like in nature, the senses are equal parts stimulated and soothed; they are brought into a rejuvenating balance. In combination with Corian, the warm and soft properties of nevi betula veneer are particularly effective.

(Design: Frank Gissmann)

Design and comfort

New discovery for interior design

Material is the key to style. Bathrooms and spas in particular demand a high degree of functionality and, at the same time, aesthetics, and comfort – nevi betula surfaces can convince across the board here. With the birch bark surface material, nevi inspires entirely new applications and combinations.

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