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Classic appeal

Pioneering design material – on water and on land

The key element for yacht interiors is water. Unlike wood, birch bark does not swell naturally on contact with water. It quickly releases any moisture it absorbs and can also withstand salt water. These (salt-) water-compatible qualities that make the natural material so unique are also characteristic of the refined material, nevi betula surfaces.

Non-swelling and easy to clean

Ingenious design talent

When we think of natural materials for water contact, we tend to think of stone, ceramics or tropical woods, but for the first time, nevi now makes it possible to use a renewable wood-like material that is just perfect for boat and ship interiors. This water-resistant natural material is sourced from the Nordic forests of Europe and Asia and the bark is harvested by hand from the tree, thus preserving the forest ecosystem. Finally, nevi also features a timeless, attractive look. The material is non-slip, extremely easy to clean and the oils contained in the bark have an antimicrobial effect, preventing the formation of mold and the absorption of bacteria. Ideal requirements for a whole new sense of comfort on yachts.

Complimentary materials

Natural abundance

nevi betula surfaces can be perfectly combined with other materials in boat and yacht interiors. Marble and Corian, for example, offer an exciting contrast to the warm colour and feel of birch bark surfaces. Anyone who designs places for leisure and relaxation creates a counterbalance to working life. While in everyday life only a few of the senses are frequently utilized, a diverse choice of materials ensures that a rich experience is possible. Cold stone and velour-like tactile experiences, flowing shapes and hard edges – people interact with their surroundings in ways that are otherwise only possible in nature. The handle material and surfaces from nevi can be used to create sculptural accents and stimulating sensations.

Contrasting combinations

When new ideas emerge

Corian and nevi betula surfaces: a contrasting pair that goes together perfectly precisely because of their differences. nevi teamed up with designer Frank Gissman to explore this exciting combination of materials and develop various options for washbasins in the Corian/betula surfaces duo. In combination with Corian, the warm and soft properties of nevi betula veneer are particularly striking.

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