Below is a list of companies with whom we cooperate:

Anastasiya Koshcheeva

A designer from Siberia living in Berlin, Koschcheeva translates, with great artistic and technical abilities, the thousands of years old craftsmanship of her native country into a clear and elegant design language. Recently, she has been winning one design prize after another.

lars vejen-jensen

Christian Bason, CEO of the Danish Design Center, says about Lars Vejen-Jensen: “Lars is steeped in our great design tradition while re-assembling the Danish design DNA for the 21st century.” He is right! We value Lars as a great long-standing partner with whom we can hopefully produce a lot of exciting projects.


From our point of view, BioPin is an absolute top priority when it comes to the development of powerful, ecological surface treatments.


In the manufacturing of fantastic birch tree bark containers, Sagaan combines traditional craftsmanship with modern, socially-conscious methods. These beautiful containers keep food fresh longer.

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