A natural tinder made from birch tree bark.

A fast way to start a stable, reliable fire: outside, in a fireplace or barbecue, even in the worst weather conditions. Please make sure you dispose of your old lighters in an environmentally friendly way. You will not miss them!

Birch tree bark tinder and ignitor

Firewool – finally starting fire the original way!

Since time immemorial, birch tree bark has been considered the best and fastest material with which to start a fire. We have developed a tinder that allows even the inexperienced to quickly and easily start a stable fire. firewool quickly and efficiently catches the sparks from the ignition blade. The flame is very hot, lasts for a long time, and works even in difficult weather conditions.

firewool is THE fire-starting kit

Being an all-in-one kit, firewool fits in your pocket and so is always there when you need it. The packaging provides a secure storage for the tinder and the ignitor. The easy-to-open container is waterproof and stays afloat even when full, making it perfectly suited for any activity near or on the water.

The tinder consists of climate-neutral birch bark. The ignitor is made from Austrian ferrocerium. The interaction of the firewool components immediately generates a strong and reliable flame.

The kit has an unlimited lifespan and is safe to use. 

Using 100% of valuable materials

High-quality products made from surplus material generated in the production process

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