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Environmental Responsibility

Our raw material originates from cooperatives in Siberia and Northern Europe. We attempt to play our part in establishing sustainable forestries in these regions, some of which are severely threatened by overexploitation and the timber industry.


Our supply partner, Sagaan, shares our values and promotes independent and sustainable trade within longstanding traditions. Their cooperation with the local people is based on respect. Together we aim to promote, rather than force, a shift towards an economic relationship based on partnership and the sustainable use of natural resources.


Traditionally, birch tree bark was harvested from living trees. Whether the tree survived the harvest undamaged depended largely on how professionally the procedure was carried out: errors during harvest would result in damage and, in the worst case, in the subsequent death of the tree. This is why we harvest our bark from trees that are already felled, or are slated to be felled immediately after harvest.

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