Company Values

Company values

The future in a sustainable way

nevi is both traditional and contemporary; sustainable and innovative. We believe in the ‘old’ values such as solidarity, reliability, diligence, and responsibility. At the same time, we are flexible, curious, and keen to experiment and pursue unusual paths.

For us, entrepreneurial action does not only mean following our economic objectives, but also accepting social and environmental responsibility.

Being a commercial enterprise, we create value and therefore act as a fundamental element of society. Earnestly embracing our values, we make a constructive contribution to human coexistence and stimulate positive relationships, which is why we see responsibility as a chance to actively and sustainably design the future.

When dealing with our clients and business partners, we place great value on working together in an open, fair, and reliable way. If you happen to form a different impression, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Handcrafted to the highest quality standards

Manufacturing a modern product of the highest quality from an organic raw material, the properties of which naturally vary, requires a lot of experience and precise workmanship.

Environmental responsibility

For humans and nature

We have a sense of responsibility towards nature and society, which is why it is not only the highest quality standards for which we aim in all our production processes, but also sustainability and ecological compatibility.

Social responsibility

Self-respect through work

Warehousing, manufacturing, and shipment are carried out in a workshop for disabled people (WfbM) that we have chosen based on its high standards of cooperation with their employees. We are convinced that it is of fundamental importance that every person, with or without a disability, be a part of the value chain. Being actively involved in the manufacturing of a particularly high-quality product promotes an increase in self-esteem and a sense of identification.

The constructive working environment of this workshop allows the self-confidence of the workers to grow. People who believe in themselves are willing to take on responsibility, and responsible people do a good job and are of great value to our society.

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