nevi betula veneer

betula veneer

betula veneer is a non-slip surface for wet areas that possesses all the positive characteristics of birch tree bark: extremely non-slip, velvety, and anti-bacterial.

+ water repellent
+ fungus and bacteria inhibiting
+ pleasant, has a good grip
+ extremely durable and easy to care
+ elastic, flexible and soft
+ pH skin neutral
+ renewable natural material

nevi betula veneer is used everywhere, where the eye and skin seek sensual relaxation: in the bathroom, in saunas and spas, on the yacht and as a furniture surface.
The durable velvety haptics also offers the ideal opportunity to combine betula veneer with other materials as an exciting material accent. It‘s best when there‘s an inevitable touch – whether it‘s touch-sensitive user interfaces, switches, exclusive work surfaces or barefoot areas.
nevi is also currently developing betula veneer with partners from the automotive industry to perfect car interior. betula veneer is the world‘s first for interior designers, product developers and interior decorators. nevi will assist you as a competent partner during the development and implementation phase.

Depending on the project, betula veneer is applied to a variety of substrates such as wood-based panels,
flexible nonwovens or synthetic resin backing. These individual semi-finished products enable the implementation of almost any product idea.

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