nevi betula handles

betula handles

betula handles is an anti-bacterial, water-resistant, non-slip and highly durable handle material with a particularly pleasant surface feel. It is suitable for a wide range of applications.

Each product made out of nvei betula handles is a unique piece, since birch tree bark is a living, organic material that comes in a vast variety of shades, growth patterns, and textures. This short overview of its qualities underlines the competitiveness and the scope of applications of betula handles:


A short look on the properties underlines the competitiveness and the range of applications.

bm1 top eigenschaften

warm and velvety surface feel

highly durable

very light

highly stable in shape (virtually no swelling, shrinking, or warping)


flexible and soft, yet highly stable and resilient

pH-value: 5.5 (identical to human skin)

manufactured in an ethical and environmentally sustainable way





The multifunctionality of nevi betula handles

Forms and dimensions

Round cross sections

Within the natural limits of the material, we implement the ideas of our clients and develop technical solutions, contributing to the constant growth of the variety of possible applications.

In principle, we attempt to enable the manufacturing of custom sizes as well – please let us know about your requests. Please keep in mind: the minimum order quantity is 100 pieces per dimension.

Stability and weight

The structure of birch tree bark consists of layers of thin-walled, honeycomb-shaped cells that are embedded between the supporting layers of smaller cells. In this way, a high stability is achieved along with a very low weight, and outstanding insulation capacity.


 Extraordinary handles for extraordinary products.


We have been fascinated by lock fittings from the very beginning. First of all, these everyday objects are required to perform their function reliably and with precision. While there already exists a vast range of designs, and with new variations emerging regularly, there are very few manufacturers who manage to stand out of the crowd with their product. This is precisely how we can help.

Fishing rod grips

In terms of tactility and longevity, nevi betula handles is superior to even the highest-quality types of cork. For instance, this has been proven by our experience with intensive sea trout fishing. betula handles is slightly heavier than cork (you will find further information about this in Stability and weight). Considering that fishing reels are getting lighter and lighter, this – if anything – has a positive effect on the overall balance of the fully rigged rod. Thanks to its unique look, a fishing rod sporting a grip made from betula handles certainly stands out from the crowd. Although beauty is certainly always a matter of taste.

Wet shaving

Wet shaving is always something special. The brush, the soap, and the razor are the basis of this familiar and cherished ritual. We enjoy this slow, meditative process, and we value its wonderful result. Although the perfect tools are not strictly required, they have the power to make this moment very special, which is why when it comes to wet shaving we turn to manufacturers of the highest-quality razors and brushes.


A good bicycle is technically perfect, functional, and fit for its purpose – therein lies its beauty, and these qualities are what makes riding it so pleasant. Birch bark unic is the handlebar that fits this image. Even under pouring rain or with sweaty hands, these handlebars remain secure and non-slip – even after long and intense usage.

Finishing and care

Each production step involves thorough quality control. After a successful final inspection, all our products receive a careful finish of the finest polish and a special organic oil.
Being a natural product, betula handles ages depending on the intensity of use and environmental influences. Over time it develops a coppery patina and slowly darkens, similar to well-worn wood.Technically, betula handles does not need any care at all. However, if this natural patina is not desired, it is sufficient to occasionally treat the product with tepid water, perfume-free soap and a soft sponge. Please find more detailed informations in our care instructions.

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