For cyclists with high demands: the first handlebars from natural birch tree bark. The range of qualities inherent in birchbarkunic cannot be met by any other handlebar.

It’s no fun to ride even the most technically advanced bike if its seat and handlebars don’t feel secure and comfortable. The contact surface of bbu consists of pH-neutral birch tree bark and, like no other handlebars on the market, ensures a secure, as well as a pleasantly velvety, grip. Furthermore, thanks to the natural qualities of birch tree bark, bbu is non-slip even in wet conditions. Being extremely weather resistant, the birch tree bark ensures a long lifespan of bbu even after intensive use. They are low-maintenance and manufactured in a sustainable and environmentally-friendly way.

Manufacturing unique pieces

Birchbarkunic is manufactured from our nevi betula veneer-laminate. Between 60 and 70 layers of birch tree bark are manually punched, arranged, and joined. After mechanical shaping, the surface is manually polished and oiled. As birch tree bark is a natural material, its growth structure is very diverse, making each handlebar unique. The smooth, varied texture of nevi betula veneer creates an exceptionally warm grip feeling – beautiful to look at and touch.


bbu is suitable for all standard handlebars with a 22mm diameter and is available in two variations: a standard handle and a short handle for a grip shifter. While a seamlessly welded corrosion-resistant inner aluminium tube enables simple installation, we still recommend having your handlebars installed by a specialist. You can find further information on installation, as well as care instructions, in our fact sheet.

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